Wednesday, April 11, 2012

hermes baby

2012 04 11 typecast

hermes baby typewriter


  1. Pop the case off so it is down to it's skeleton, and have a good look around inside. Once in this condition, you can probably clean it up without any reall problem.

    You are foremost going to need to clean. At this point lubrication will only add to your pain. Clean out those type-bars. Clean out that carridge. Clean around those bearings. That grease is oil with dirt in it. And chances are, someone has tried to oil the type-bars, and you may need to get nasty to get the subsequent sludge out.

    Overall the unit looks in fine shape. Once you've got the sludge out of the escapement mechanism, give it a tiny bit of oil, and you'll find the spacing will come good.

    If the hammer is getting stuck in the guide, but seems to move freely, that's because there is dirt catching in the groved plate behind the type-bars. Brush this out first, then Raise the hammer up to the platen. With a finger hold the type slug and wiggle it back and forth from the platen, to about an inch or so away. You'll feel the dirt gripping, but if you keep wiggling it, eventually you'll feel it move smoothly again. You're basically just pushing the dirt out by doing this.

  2. Thanks for you advice!
    Do you know what kind of spring (if any) should be installed in the shift lock mechanism?