Monday, April 30, 2012

computer problems

2012 04 30 typecast 02


  1. Don't you just love computer technology? I often spend more time at a simple task on a PC than if I'd just get out a typewriter and type. Never had a problem with Brasero, but I do my file backups a bit different than other folks do.

    That Olivetti has a really neat typeface.

  2. Yes, I like computer technology, but today a bit less than in the past :-)

    I still have a small SparcStation IPX somewhere, I've kept it because of the cat on the motherboard! It's still functional with the exception of the PRAM battery and the floppy drive (never used); IIRC there was NetBSD installed on that machine...

  3. Andrea, I read your comment on the Optima. You might want to write me an email at msgschr(at)yahoo(dot)de ?