Friday, February 22, 2013

Lesa Mady 2

20130222 - lesa mady 2 and ibm selectric ii

After a couple of months I returned to my typewriter for a short typecast and a video of the red Selectric II and a yellow italian portable record player, the Lesa Mady 2.
In italian we call these "mangiadischi" (record eater), I don't know exactly why, maybe because the slot for the records is like a mouth... or maybe because this device really eats vinyl because of the high needle pressure needed to play the records in every position, even turned upside down or while driving the car.
I love playing new and pristine records with my Thorens... but I must admit that I really enjoy playing old 7" scratched records with this Lesa, the more they are scratched the more they sound good, it remembers me when I was a child listening to Grimm's tales on my orange Penny (probably the most known italian mangiadischi). I even do not have a standalone mp3 player, I use my mobile: nowadays everything is focused on devices that do everything, photos, videos, music listening and recording, internet browsing and so on...

20130222 - typecast