Saturday, July 7, 2012

broken facit tp1

2012 07 07 - typecast
2012 07 07 - broken facit tp1


  1. Not good. It may be an easy repair though. Facits are really nice machines. Then anything that is made can break. I hope you find the problem and it is repairable.

  2. How annoying!

    It might be something simple, like a spring that came disconnected, but taking out and replacing the platen on the TP1 is difficult, as I recall. Try it -- you will learn something, anyway.

  3. Fix that beautiful machine! As the others have said, it may just be a spring problem or something else minor. With all the good things said about these Facit's among typosherians, it is definitely worth tinkering with before getting rid of.
    Good luck with your repairs!

  4. Thank you everybody, tomorrow I'll try to remove the lever to see if there's something broken or not...