Sunday, August 19, 2012

my writing desk

2012 08 19 - typecast

2012 08 19 - my writing desk


  1. Very nice writing spot. Once the shelves have been filled, the seat worn to your body, I am sure it will mean far more to you. I suppose it had to be the Selectric on the table, purely for the fact they are about 5' wide and it would nowhere near fit where the TP1 resides. :D

  2. Nice spot. One thing happens though once the shelves are filled. Somehow they over fill and things start to pile everywhere.

  3. I like it! Clean and useful. I have a nice L-shaped desk, with one part for my typewriter(s) and the other for computer/stuff that collects there.

    And I must admit, the red Selectric II is my White Whale. I've wanted one for years - almost as bad as a Blick 5. You keep loving her but if she ever tires of you and needs a good home, you know who to contact! ;u)