Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mercatino Villa Roberti, Brugine

2012 05 06 typecast

2012 05 06 Olivetti Lettera 32


  1. Well, at least you found something! I visited a flea market yesterday, but there were no typewriters at all.

  2. Late, but you found something very nice.

    At least you have a place to visit. Where I live everything is an hour away and there is still not a typewriter to be found.

  3. I agree with Florian and Bill, a Lettera 35 is not nothing. I also do not have any such place here, almost all my finds have been on ebay and etsy.

  4. Yes, you are right, a Lettera is not nothing!
    I've not taken it, however.
    Here in Padua there are many flea markets, usually winthin 1 hour by car: